Let Your Skin Breathe

When your skin is feeling congested, there are ways to clear pores without causing damage. The video I posted shows the technique I used as an esthetician, to extract oil and clogged pores.  

Jennifer Aniston Inspired Makeup Tutorial

I don’t know what possessed me to put my photo beside of People’s- Most Beautiful Woman….but I did it. Jennifer Aniston is perfection; She is athletic, cool, stylish, funny, and gorgeous. Here is my attempt to recreate her glowing makeup technique.  

Carey Mulligan Makeup Tutorial

Once a giggling younger sister in Pride & Prejudice and most recently a feminist protestor in Suffragette: Carey Mulligan is forever the coolest. Here is my Carey Mulligan INSPIRED makeup tutorial

Scalp Treatment

My scalp is a mess- inflamed, flakey, itchy mess; but why?? I never dealt with flakes when I was younger….3 things to pay attention to. 1.) Hair Products- hairspray, dry shampoo, styling products: all of these can build up on your scalp causing irratation. 2.) Water- if you have hard water it can lead to mineral build…

Product Review:Flower Beauty Glisten Up Highlighter

I have a Major crush on this $10 beauty product. I came across this product while looking at Instagram; Drew Barrymore ( the founder of Flower Beauty) announced that it was featured in Allure: best of beauty. I have been looking for a highlighter for a while now and have not been impressed by any…

Self Tanner Review- Rodan+Fields

I am extremely fortunate because my sister-in-law is best friend material. After I shared my UGLY tanning experience with another product, she sent me a bottle of Rodan + Fields self tanner to try out. My sis-in-law sent a sweet card letting me know that I do not need a mitt to apply, that it’s perfectly fine…