Alkaline Popsicles-Lime.Watermelon.Cucumber

Math Problem: You bought a bag of 15 limes, you only used 5 of them. What should you do with remaining 10 limes??? Make alkaline popsicles of course!! Ingredients 10 limes (peeled) 1/2 watermelon 1 large cucumber, or in my case 4 small cute cumbers. Directions  Juice the ingredients listed above Pour juice into popsicle molds. Freeze Enjoy   Advertisements

Alkalizing Green Juice

Do you know the PH of your food??? I began researching this subject after a year a fatigue and headaches. I know that I lean towards the acidic side, because of my love of coffee, and the fact I am an omnivore. I have learned that I can still have those things, as long as…