My Evening Skin Care Routine

If I could give you one tip about skin care, it would be: less is more. When I first started as an esthetician, I thought you needed rough exfoliation, soap that left you squeaky clean, and toners that stung a bit; now my routine is simple and my skin is reaping the benefits. I will…

L’oreal Smokissime Liner- Product Review and Tutorial

  I have seen this product in several magazines, and think the concept is awesome. This eyeliner has a sponge tip with powder makeup inside. I was really impressed with it’s smooth application, and would recommend it to anyone interested in trying the smokey eye look in my video below.

Andalou Pumpkin Mask- Product Review

Do yourself a favor…run to Ulta and pick up this product. I found mine at the grocery store and it cost less than $15. I bought it just because I LOVE a pumpkin mask; My skin was glowing after my first application. Interested in trying Click here If you try it and love it as much as…

Let Your Skin Breathe

When your skin is feeling congested, there are ways to clear pores without causing damage. The video I posted shows the technique I used as an esthetician, to extract oil and clogged pores.  

Jennifer Aniston Inspired Makeup Tutorial

I don’t know what possessed me to put my photo beside of People’s- Most Beautiful Woman….but I did it. Jennifer Aniston is perfection; She is athletic, cool, stylish, funny, and gorgeous. Here is my attempt to recreate her glowing makeup technique.  

Carey Mulligan Makeup Tutorial

Once a giggling younger sister in Pride & Prejudice and most recently a feminist protestor in Suffragette: Carey Mulligan is forever the coolest. Here is my Carey Mulligan INSPIRED makeup tutorial