3-Day Refresh-Product Review

I am no stranger to cleansing; since my early twenties, I have been testing popular cleanses. The first cleanse I ever tried was the cayenne pepper, lemon, maple syrup, and purified water cleanse. The idea was to fast for three days, and the drink I listed above should give me enough energy to function. I was doing this cleanse to lose quick pounds before a beach trip, it was a miserable experience.

Now in my thirties, I look at cleanses differently. I no longer try a cleanse to lose weight, but instead to reset my diet; that is the reason I was interested in trying the 3-day refresh.



My experience

I ordered my 3- day refresh from the link listed below and it was very user friendly. I was able to choose my Shakeology flavor (I chose cafe latte, mmmmm) and the kit also comes with 2 vanilla protein shakes and a fiber sweep ( this stuff is powerful) for each day.

  • Each morning I would wake up and have my shakeology with a fruit option.
  • My midmorning would consist of the fiber sweep, which is thick and must be chugged. An hour after fiber sweep I could have the vanilla protein shake and a fruit or vegetable option.
  • For dinner I would have the vanilla shake with a vegetable option.

I felt fine during the day, but the craving I was trying to kick was late night snacking….and boy did I miss my popcorn, goldfish, ice-cream, you name it!! The thing that got me through it was my beach body coach, Christie Stump. Every time I wanted to cheat, there was a text from Christie, letting me know I could complete the refresh. **Accountability is everything**!!

After three days of disciplined clean eating, I no longer have the urge to snack during the day or night. If you are interested for a quick weight loss solution, I lost 4 pounds in 3 days.image

Want to try it?Click Below.



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