Scalp Treatment

My scalp is a mess- inflamed, flakey, itchy mess; but why?? I never dealt with flakes when I was younger….3 things to pay attention to.

1.) Hair Products- hairspray, dry shampoo, styling products: all of these can build up on your scalp causing irratation.

2.) Water- if you have hard water it can lead to mineral build up on scalp. We purchased a shower water filter from home depot, and it has helped the appearance of pink marks on shower but skin and hair still feel dry. If you buy a/shower filter I suggest going on amazon and reading reviews.

3.)Diet- if you are eating more sugar/ carbs than usual then it might cause inflammation on your scalp.

Paying attention to the three items above can help prevent flakes and inflammation but won’t treat them once they are present. Here is my favorite DIY hair treatment for clarifying my scalp.

Mixed ingredients together, part hair and start applying to scalp, leave on for 15 minutes, wash out.



3 thoughts on “Scalp Treatment

  1. What a great DIY remedy! And awesome because it uses things people have on hand!
    I make both a molasses shampoo bar and a pine tar haveshampoo bar that both are alleged home remedies for scalp issues. You can find such shampoo bars all over Etsy from people with small batch, handcrafted artisnal items. You can also talk to me, obviously. I hope your home remedy works and I totally agree on some of the obvious,short term causes of scalp issues but you didn’t touch on scalp fungus. A mixture of Apple cider vinegar mixed with tincture of Usnea Lichen can help. You’ll have to do the research on it yourself, but Usnea is amazing stuff, especially in conjecture with pine tar shampoo.
    This is all obviously my opinion as I’m not a doctor and none of my statements should be construed as medical advice.

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