Slumber Party Rollers

If you’re looking for a heat free way to add volume to your hair, then consider trying/retrying velcro rollers. These beauties have been around for decades; why aren’t we all sleeping in or using them???? The answer…HEAT!! It takes around two hours of sitting in these rollers, with your hair 95% dry for them to work; it takes 15 max for heated rollers to work. The downside to heat is the damage, and man I have damaged my hair. I decided to try velcro rollers without ANY heat and this is my experience.

I let my hair air dry until it was slightly damp, then I placed the slumber party rollers all over my head.


These rollers are meant for sleeping, but I didn’t have a silk cap so I only kept them in for two hours.

The results were amazing; I couldn’t believe how much volume these rollers gave me. Next time I will only place them on my top layers, to avoid looking like Sally Field in Steel Magnolias.

Love them..try them!!




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