Face Mapping

If you’re experiencing unusual breakouts,or have one part of your face that tends to be more congested than others, then the map below may help you find the cause.


This face map is used by skin experts at Dermalogica to help clients understand their skin.






Forehead (zone 1 and 3)- Bladder and Digestive System: I can always tell if someone has started drinking soft drinks when they say ” I’m all the sudden getting ton of breakouts on my forehead”. If you are drinking lots of water and nothing in your diet has changed then it might be hair products.

Between Eyebrows ( zone 2)-Liver: Congestion in this area might mean that you need to limit your alcohol consumption; I noticed that my clients would be really puffy in this area after a social event.

Ears (zone 4 and 10)-Kidneys: If you notice that your ears are red then increase the amount of water you are drinking and see if the color improves.

Cheeks (zone 5 and 9)- Respiratory System: Smokers are notorious for having broken capillaries in their cheeks; if you have asthma or really bad allergies you might notice redness in your cheeks as well.

Eyes ( zone 6 and 8)-Kidneys: Just like your ears, the eyes connect to the kidneys. If you are experiencing dark circles then increase your water and decrease your caffeine and alcohol consumption.

Nose (zone 7)-Heart: If you have redness in your nose it can be a sign of high blood pressure; it can also be a sign of rosacea so do not panic when you read this.

Jaw line (zone 13 and 11) -Ovaries: Lots of women get breakouts on side of their chin and jawline during their period, but others may first notice these breakouts with pregnancy or new birth control.

Chin ( zone 12)- Small Intestine: If you are breaking out on your chin it might mean it is time to focus on your diet. Unhealthy foods and foods you are allergic to will cause you to break out.

Neck ( zone 14)- Adrenals: If you turn red in the neck it is most likely due to stress.








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