DIY Lash Tint

During the summer I love to tint my eyelashes so that I don’t resemble Alice Cooper in the swimming pool.


An easy fix for runny mascara is waterproof mascara; unfortunately the downside to waterproof mascara is trying to remove it at the end of the day.This is why lash tinting is amazing and I am going to show you how to do it.

Supplies Needed

kit-hair-dye-liquid-oxidantRefectocil color kit in pure black (Amazon $20)

refectocil-refectocil-eye-protection-papers-pack-of-96-p2247-13177_medium                                     Refectocil eye protection papers (Amazon $7)





  1. Start by using your finger or Qtip to apply thick amount of vaseline around eyes and place protective eye pad under bottom lashes.

Photo on 4-21-16 at 12.09 PM

2. Add 1/2 inch or 1 inch of reflectocil dye to glass bowl then mix in a couple drops of activator.

Photo on 4-21-16 at 12.11 PM

3. Paint generous  amount of dye on your top and bottom lashes.

Photo on 4-21-16 at 12.17 PM

4. Leave on for 5- 10 minutes then wash off with wet towel.

Photo on 4-21-16 at 12.30 PM

5.    Enjoy a week free of mascara!!



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