Self Tanner Review- Tanwise

Trying self tanners can be scary because of their immediate and lasting effects. I thought I was somewhat skilled in the process of applying self tanners until my recent experience with Tanwise Foam.

For months I’ve seen amazing reviews about this product and even though I am not a huge fan of foam tanners I thought I would try it out. The second I began covering my skin in dark green sludge I remembered why I dislike foam application. It seemed the more I rubbed it in the more streaks appeared. Then I looked down at my hands….They were Black. I ran to the sink and started to scrub and the color didn’t fade at all. I grabbed some baking soda and started to rub it into my palms and after a few minutes my hands and wrist were back to my normal color.


Wow…How attractive!!

When I went to post my experience I saw that other people had the same thing happen to them. Then I came across a review that embarrassed me a bit.

“I am the queen of self-tanners. I have used the most to least expensive in different formulas and colors, etc. I love St. Tropez bronzing mousse and this one, for the price point, is quite a contender. Love the ease of use and the color that I achieve. I find it hard to believe that people have had problems with the application of this product. Quite frankly, common sense would dictate. Who would put a dark self-tanner on without gloves or a mitt?? If using the mousse, I usually shake mine up. Never encountered any problems whatsoever. I highly recommend this product

Well alright…..I will purchase a mitt and give it one more shot.





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